Rouge Reader Contributors

10353118_10104627649669813_2581024269575249652_nMartha Cecilia is an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Candidate in Feminist Theology and Literature at Claremont Graduate University.  She holds a MA in Religion, Ethics and Culture, focusing on Catholic Sexual Ethics and a BA in Religious Studies. She writes extensively on Revisionist Catholic Theology and has dedicated quite a bit of her studies to her very special interest: Harry Potter and young adult literature. She currently works in Academic Publishing in Los Angeles. When she is not working on her dissertation or editing journals, she can be found working on her debut novel or cuddling her two ferocious Pomeranians. @rougereader


Kate Davis  is completing her PhD in Women’s Studies in Religion with an emphasis on North American Religions. She spends a lot of my time thinking about, writing about, and talking about sex, which is not always as exciting as you might think. She lives in a creaky Victorian house in Ohio with her math professor husband and two cats.

johnJohn Erickson is a Ph.D. Candidate in American Religious History at Claremont Graduate University. He holds a MA in Women’s Studies in Religion; an MA in Applied Women’s Studies; and a BA in Women’s Literature and Women’s Studies. The LGBTQ and women’s rights movements, masculinity studies, gender theory, and the utilization of technology in forming communities and creating new teaching methodologies influence his research interests. His work is inspired by the intersectionality of feminism, queer identity, LGBTQ history, and religious and sexual cultural rhetoric. He is a Non-Fiction Reviewer for Lambda Literary, the leader in LGBT reviews, author interviews, opinions and news since 1989 and the Co-Chair of the Queer Studies in Religion section of the American Academy of Religion’s Western Region, the only regional section of the American Academy of Religion that is dedicated to the exploration of queer studies in religion and other relevant fields in the nation. When he is not working on his dissertation, he can be found at West Hollywood City Hall where he works on policies and special events relating to women, gender, sexuality, and human rights issues that are sponsored or co-sponsored by the City of West Hollywood. He is the author of the blog From Wisconsin, with Love.  @JErickson85

268329_664822508273_2397697_nSara Hof  has an Masters of Divinity from Wake Forest and an MA in Feminist Studies from Claremont Graduate University.  She spends her time volunteering for Planned Parenthood, reading Neil Gaiman, and looking for the perfect shot of whiskey in Los Angeles. Sara is the founder of the Feminist POP! podcasts. 


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